Dog Care Services
Loving Care for Your Dog While You're Away

We care for all breeds, sizes and dogs of all ages. Dog Sitting Services:

  • Personalized pampering
  • Walks in the woods
  • Loving attention
  • Playtime
  • Security
  • Reasonable rates
  • Excellent references

dogs happily playing in our yard

Serving Medford and surrounding areas.
Call Rivka, 339-225-0083, or Jeff, 857-998-8512, for more information.
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"Our dog is so-ooo happy with Rivka and Jeff. Theyíre nurturing, loving and knowledgeable about dogs and people. In fact, Iím envious that my dog gets to spend so much time with them."
Felice and Henry Y, Cambridge, MA

"Rivka and Jeff provide great care for dogs. Fenno is on vacation with them. I've never had a moment's pause bringing him to his 'other parents.' I highly recommend them!"
Lynne H., Cambridge, MA

"Over the past 9 years, Rivka and Jeff have cared for Zack anytime we go away. When we see him again, he's happy, healthy, and blissfully exhausted. We'd never want our dog to be with anyone else if he can't be with us."
David P. and Marc M., Somerville, MA

"For the past 10 years, Home Buddies have been Louey's surrogate caregivers. Whenever we travel we feel entirely secure that he will be treated with the same love and care that he gets with us."
Yvonne and Mike, Arlington, MA

"I never feel guilty or worry about leaving Tyler when I go away. Jeff and Rivka create a spa for dogs. Tyler is always happy, tired, relaxed and well exercised when I see him again."
Jackie S., Cambridge, MA

"Rivka and Jeff are the best, but don't take my word for it. Ruby, our 15 year old terrier mix, barks, jumps and wags her tail in joyous anticipation whenever we say 'You're going to see Rivka'.
John and Emily C.

"Our dog, Henry, is part of our family- he is our first fur baby, if you will. Rivka and Jeff of Homebuddies have been entrusted with caring for Henry over the last 8 years and we've been satisfied throughout. It gives us great peace of mind to know that Henry is in competent and caring hands when we are out of town. He comes back to us exercised, socialized, and well cared for. It's a win-win for everyone."
The Bersons

"Gaiter loves being with Rivka and Jeff and we feel confident that he is in excellent hands. He loves the big walks and the full house (king-of-the-couch and pillows) access AND the yard. We love the peace of mind when we are away and he comes home with his full dog on! Sweet."
Bill and Noel and Gaiter too.

"Rivka and Jeff cared for my dog Ursalina (Ursie) happily for 12 years while I traveled. They kindly and gently tended her into old age and were with me when she was eased into passing in my living room by a wonderful vet acupuncturist, Carol Gifford. A year and a half after Ursieís passing I got a new puppy. Iím thrilled to say that Trylla loves Rivka and Jeff and they love her right back!"
Annie, Somerville, MA